Part 30: Bringing DataOps to Power BI

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DataOps 101 on YouTube

Over the past year during meetups and conferences, I have had the opportunity to introduce the concepts of DataOps to project managers, data engineers, and data analysts. During each session I share the trials and tribulations I have experienced with managing analytics products involving Power BI and how to avoid them by adhering to DataOps principles. Often after these sessions I have attendees commiserate with my stories and provide a few stories of their own. For me (and I hope for the attendees), it is cathartic to know that I’m not alone in the challenges of delivering analytic solutions.

Earlier this year I recorded a version of my DataOps 101 session, and I have posted that session on YouTube. My hope is that you might learn more about DataOps, see how it can help you on your projects, and even laugh a little at a data engineer trying to do his best with video editing (I’m no Guy In A Cube)

After watching it, let me know what you think on LinkedIn or Twitter or YouTube.

I’ll continue to use my blog as my main medium of communication, and based on everyone’s feedback I’ll plan future videos.

Note: This was recorded prior to Power BI Desktop Developer Mode making it to preview, but I still stand by my advice on learning Git and looking at pbi-tools😊